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Residential Services - $45/hr

Business Services - $60/hr

  • Virus Removal
  • Cleanup
  • Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consulting
  • Networking
  • Consulting
  • Server Maintenance
  • Data Back Up/Transfer
  • Networking
  • Web Design

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

What to Expect

     ATS Technicians will come out to your location and assist you on-site. If the customer does not need the technician on-site, arrangements may be made to repair the computer at the ATS office and return it to the customer in a timely fashion. Technicians will only remove what the customer authorizes and only add what is essential to ensure the computer works. Technicians will never add illegal software or downloads to your computer. All work is done to the customers satifaction.

Virus Removal/Cleanup

     Technicians can remove any virus from your comptuer. In most cases, ensure the computer's data stays intact. Rare instances comptuers must have a destructive restore which erases all data from the computer to effectivly remove a virus. No data will be erased without prior approval from customer. Average time for a typical virus removal and cleanup is about 2 hours.


     Not sure what went wrong? Technicians can find the problem your having and offer solutions to those issues. ATS ensures that all solutions are in the best interest of the customers.

Data Back Up/Transfer

     Copying data from one device to another or making backups can sometimes get confusing. Technicians can help you by assisting with all the steps and processes needed to ensure a successful backup or transfer.


     Have more than one computer and want them networked. Technicians can help with large or small networks. They can work in businesses or home to find the best solution for the customer. Technicians can also setup wireless networks and secure them for the customer.


     Technicians can assist you in purchasing new equipment for your home or business. Technicians work to find yourhte best solution for your needs. ATS can offer items at lower rates or can find items that a customer otherwise wouldn't know about.

Web Designs

     Acadiana Tech can offer solutions for websites that represent the professional presence on the web that most businesses need. Web designs vary and are a reflection of the business, individual, or organization. Contact us now to find out what solutions fits you best.