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History of Acadiana Tech

Acadiana Technology Solutions was originally started in May of 2005 as Acadiana Computer Repair. Working as an assistant technician at the Lafayette Parish School System, Derrick Laughlin started working part time repair computers mostly for teachers' home computers and laptops. From there, Derrick continued to grow with customers and so did expenses. In 2006, Derrick began working at the Crowley Fire Department as a firefighter. At that time, Derrick and Kyle LeBoeuf began repairing computers under the name Acadiana Technology Solutions, or better known as Acadiana Tech or ATS. While continuing to pursue certifications and advancements in technology related fields, Kyle and Derrick both began looking into different careers. In April 2009, Derrick received an occupational license to begin a professional business.

Currently, Derrick is operating Acadiana Tech from his home office. He manages residential and business customers and services just about any technology related needs. He is married to Sarah Beth, and they have two children, Luke and Ella. Derrick is also a firefighter for the City of Crowley.